What Is Peking University's Acceptance Rate for International Students?

Published by Peking University Global in No White Spaces密碼解讀北大全球招生Thousands of students from all over the world will apply to Study Abroad at Peking University this year.

As a millennium education institute with centuries of history, Peking University (PKU) is synonymous with outstanding research and teaching in China and an innovative pioneering spirit to enlighten students worldwide. And, since it is a reachy college, it is important not to miss the acceptance rate to know what the acceptance rate for international students is.

International Demographics of those Accepted

Among them, Peking University has a lower acceptance rate, which is 15%-20%, far less than many universities in western countries. This number is indicative of both the excellence of applicants from around the world who apply to PKU as well as PKU's own high standards. In contrast to the standards for domestic applicants (which are still just as tough), PKU is at least somewhat open to international applicants in hopes of further diversifying its academic community.

Admission Considerations

Admission FactorsInfluencing factors for PKU admissions decisions. Scholastic accomplishments should constitute the bulk of the application, as the school means to acknowledge understudies that have ascended to the highest point of their class. Some of them are taught in Chinese so proficiency in Chinese is a very important factor, while other programs are taught in English, but they have their own set of admission requirements.

Details of the Program and Assortments

Competitiveness of admissions varies greatly between programs. Subjects like IR, Econ or Eng would be very competitive and lower offer rates :: Fields that have a greater number of applicants and less open spots may have a lower acceptance rate. When applying you need to know what is expected and what is required in the major you selected.

How to Improve Admission Chances

Future students should emphasize the unique qualities they bring to the table. A special personal statement, letters of recommendation, extracurricular accomplishments can set an application apart. You may also help you apply by showing a genuine reason for how studying at PKU would aid in your academic as well as career aspirations.

Applying to MD-PhD Programs

Careful preparation of all materials is recommended, as is submitting your application early to meet these deadlines. It is important to understand the specifics of applying, like what kind of interviews are needed and what certain forms of paperwork are for international students.

Further insights and tactics on how to get into such a prestigious Chinese university, refer to the peking university acceptance rate for international students article. For those who are considering PKU from around the world, this is a very helpful resource to gauge some of the competition and advice for how to approach your application to PKU.

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